Top 3 Best Italian Doctors for Erectile Dysfunction


Several Treatments for E.D.

Erectile Dysfunction is a very common condition: literally every man in the course of his life will encounter momentary problems; but, sometimes, a real expert is required to regain control and enjoyment of his sex life.

Dedicated Visit and Procedure

The visit, procedure and recovery time take place in Italy. The total duration of the stay, including the pre and post operation is of one week. If you can, we always advise additional recovery time at our Medical Hotel.

Dedicated Professional After Care

After your Andro-Urological procedure, you’ll get the best post operatory care by the Doctors and Nursing staff of the Hospital under the dedicated supervision of your Personal Health Planner.

Excellence in Urology

With us, patients will find an intimate environment followed by discrete professionals that will make them feel at ease and comfortable. Followed and visited by one of the best urologist in the world, the patient will experience a 360° approach and find a customized treatment that will bring a safe solution to any problem.


Thanks to our team, there will be no language barriers. From the initial communication to the visit with the doctor, it will all be perfectly clear and easy to understand. Our previous experiences in assisting patients from all over the world gave us the confidence of knowing the one’s concerns and doubts and guide them towards the best option.


Driving around Italy could be a bit challenging for somebody who doesn’t know the way around. With us you will find a safe transportation from the airport to the hotel and clinics, not having to worry about the busy and narrow streets. Your driver will also be available to drive you to local stores for any need, for you and your caregiver.
Your health starts here
We understand your concerns: traveling to a different Country, undergoing such a delicate therapy, once you complete this form you will be contacted within a business day. You will find a team ready to answer all of your questions.

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  • We will only use your contact information to take care of your case.
  • Your phone number or email address will not be shared with any third parties.
  • You will speak with a prepared Personal Health Planner with whom you can be 100% honest and upfront about any problem you’re experiencing.
  • It is, and it will always be, 100% free.

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