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Gabriele Antonini MD PhD

Researcher and Associate Professor at La Sapienza University of Rome. For more than 10 years he has been the urologist who successfully implanted the largest number of hydraulic penile prostheses in Italy. He is the first and only in Europe to carry out the minimally invasive technique of a three-component hydraulic penile prosthesis developed by his American colleague Dr. Paul Perito with whom he has a continuous collaboration in the United States of America. First Surgeon in the World, he is the only one authorized by the Government to carry out and teach the Penis Prosthesis implant in Cuba, where he created a center of sexual medicine of reference for all of South America. Member of the International Board of the 20 leading world experts in penile prosthetic implantology.


“The erectile deficit does not take years away from life. It takes life away from the years“

Dott. Gabriele Antonini

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Several Treatments for E.D.

Erectile Dysfunction is a very common condition: literally every man in the course of his life will encounter momentary problems; but, sometimes, a real expert is required to regain control and enjoyment of your sex life.

Dedicated Visit and Procedure

The visit, procedure and recovery time take place in Italy. The total duration of the stay, including the pre and post operation is of one week. If you can, we always advise additional recovery time at our Medical Hotel.

Dedicated Professional After Care

After your Andro-Urological procedure, you’ll get the best post operatory aftercare by the Doctors and Nursing staff of the Hospital under the dedicated supervision of your Personal Health Planner.
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